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Technical translation English into French

Professional translation, editing, technical writing

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Supplies for Environmental Monitoring & Safety - Process & Lab Analyzers.

Fix and portable gas monitors, laboratory and process analyzers, measure instruments and various equipment for different applications.

Why SMT Plus is in business
SMT Plus is in business to help organizations mitigate risk, ensure integrity and reliability of their equipment and processes, an improve overall productivity.

How we do it
How we do the above is through the provision of competency development and assurance solutions

What is it that we do
Workforce Performance Improvement!

SMT Plus provides the following services and products

Learning Solutions - courseware development, Training Guides, Reference Manuals, Procedures

Heavy Oil Processing Course Package

Gas Processing Course Package

FlowLynks (plug-in for PowerPoint) for helping operators create process descriptions during Sketch & Describe assessments

RapidCapture - an application for helping companies capture valuable tacit knowledge so it can be transformed into various mediums for dissemination to it workforce.

DROPS - Dropped Object Prevention System: a mobile application for managing Drilling Rig inspections and eliminating dropped objects.

Consultant for API-Q1,Quality,improvement,Six sigma ,Lean & HR

Consultant for API-Q1,Quality,QA,improvement,Six sigma ,Lean & HR

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shreewire netting

wire mesh demister pad
vane type demister pad
in line static mixer
conveyor belt
self cleaning filter



Safety Gloves

We are one of the best cycling gloves manufacturer in China, wholesale cycling gloves to all over the word. Our cycling gloves are made of synthetic leather on the palms for grip, and polyester or spandex for comfort and mobility. With EVA padding on palm, the gloves could provide anti-shock and protect your hand and comfortable during a long ride.

Environmental Compliance Solutions - That’s What WE Do… We understand that companies want to stay in compliance - but that budget, time restrictions, and an understanding of exactly what is needed to get or stay in compliance are also major concerns. Our engineers have applied their vast and invaluable experience in the oil and gas industry while searching and developing new methods of vapor control and safe VOC elimination. The result: exclusive flaring devices that revolutionizes the way energy companies are eliminating remote site VOCs while staying in compliance, on schedule and under budget. With REEF’s innovative process equipment and exceptional repair and maintenance support services, you can confidently avoid any violations.…So You Can Focus On What YOU Do.

REEF's signature flaring combustion unit – patented by Danny E. Griffin, CEO, has been designed from the ground-up to meet or exceed New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Subpart OOOO “Quad-O” and other standards of a smokeless operation. Use this comprehensive “two-flares-in-one” (that manages both high-pressure and low-pressure waste gas steams simultaneously) to meet all of your on-site VOC destruction needs – while preserving real estate at your site, remaining in EPA compliance and saving money!

REEF Process Systems also offers a variety of other flaring systems and vapor recovery units, custom-tailored to meet your site's emission control and production needs.

In addition to offering high-end VOC combustion equipment, REEF also offers outstanding support services. From installation to troubleshooting, REEF’s team of talented, certified Service Techs located in the greater Permian Basin and Southeast New Mexico areas can provide your team prompt and professional service every time.

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PVC Fittings Online
PVC Fittings Online was founded in 2011. We have became a leader in plumbing supply and a leading online supplier of PVC pipe, fittings, and valves. We offer schedule 40 & 80 PVC pipe and fittings along with CPVC fittings and PVC accessories to the US market and abroad. We've grown over the years but the concept has remained the same: Offer the Best Products at the Best Prices, and Do it without Compromising Service.

In addition to our great products, we have an outstanding staff that is dedicated to providing the best service to each and every customer. From the minute you pick up the phone or place an order online, you will find yourself working with highly experienced individuals who are glad to assist you.

Contact us today to see the difference PVC Fittings Online can make for you.

The following list includes an extended list of products we sell:

Pipe Products:

- Schedule 40 PVC Pipe

- Schedule 80 PVC Pipe

- Clear PVC Pipe (Sch 40)

- Schedule 80 CPVC Pipe

- Flexible PVC Pipe


- Furniture Grade PVC Pipe

Valves Products:

- PVC Valves (Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Ball Check Valves, Swing Check Valves, Wafer Check Valves, Gate Valves, Foot Valves,
Diaphragm Valves)

- CPVC Valves (Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Ball Check Valves, Swing Check Valves)

- Metal Valves (Ball Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Stop Valves)

Fittings Products:

- Schedule 40 PVC Fittings

- Black Sch 40 PVC Fittings

- Schedule 80 PVC Fittings

- Schedule 80 CPVC Fittings

- PVC Furniture Fittings

- PVC DWV Fittings,

-CTS CPVC Fittings

- Clear PVC Fittings

- PEX Fittings

- Brass Push Fittings

- Push- On PVC Fittings

- Garden Hose Adapters

- Flexible Couplings & Caps

- Black Iron Fittings

- Camlock Fittings

• Plus Much More

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15 years old boilermaker located in Jakarta, Indonesia. One of the biggest in the country, have been selling inside and outside of the region.

15 years old boilermaker.
Sole agent of Klinger, Suntec, Sensus, F.B.R. Burners; distributor of Parker Hannifin products, as well as tens of other products related with Boiler, burner, and fluid control technology.

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