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Valve P&ID symbols

P&ID symbols for valves

Commonly used valve P&ID symbols (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram symbols) for manual valves. Note that they may differ slightly from one project to another.

Valve Type Valve P&ID Symbols Application
Gate Valve Used when a straight flow of fluid and minimum restriction is desired
Normally Closed Gate Valve
Ball Valve Withstand extreme pressure/temperature and high volume flow. Used for high flow capacity.
Normally Closed Ball Valve
Globe Valve Excellent to be used as a control valve due to its complex flow path. This valve is known for precise throttling and control.
Butterfly Valve Can be used for liquids/gases that can easily be displaced when the valve disc closes.
Check Valve To ensure the fluid flow only in one direction, automatically preventing the backflow.
Plug Valve Plug valves are used for - on-off control on flow; moderate flow throttling; flow diversion using multiport valves
Needle Valve  Needle valves are used as bleed valves or drain valves in the block and bleed assembly.
Self Draining Valve As the name suggests these valves come with a drain port.
Integrated Block and Bleed Valve For faster assembly of block and bleed valve arrangement.
Auto Recirculation Valve
Angle Valve To be used for pipes joining at an angle.
Angle Globe Valve
3-way Valve
Y Blowdown Valve
Angle Blowdown Valve

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