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Centrifugal pump cavitation

  • Definition and description of pump cavitation - Centrifugal pump cavitation is the formation and subsequent collapse or implosion of vapor bubbles in a pump. It occurs when the absolute pressure on the liquid falls below the liquid’s vapor pressure.{adinserter 1}
  • Causes of pump cavitation - Primary cause of centrifugal pump cavitation is vapor formation in the suction of pump. Vapor bubbles can be formed and carried to the centrifugal pump due to various reasons such as low available NPSH, high liquid temperature in the pump suction, reduced liquid flow to the pump etc. Each of these causes of pump cavitation is discussed briefly.
  • Consequences and damages resulting from pump cavitation - Cavitation in centrifugal pumps can damage various pump parts such as mechanical seals, bearings, pump impeller, driver shaft alignment etc. Each of these damages resulting from pump cavitation are discussed  briefly.{adinserter 1}
  • How to prevent pump cavitation - Preventive measures against pump cavitation need to consider the cause of pump cavitation and prevent that cause from taking place. Different precautions need to be taken against pump cavitation occurring due to different reasons. Such precautions to be taken against each of the main pump cavitation causes are discussed in this article briefly.


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