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Company Name: GRUPOTEC
Business Summary: ENGINEERING
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Business Phone: 963391890
Business Fax: 963932607
Company Name: D&F Liquidators
Business Summary: D&F Liquidators is a 30 years old international clearing house that supplies top quality electrical construction materials at the best price. It sources vast inventory of electrical products from top companies and is able to ship discerning demands quickly.
Description of Products / Services :

D&F Liquidator maintains an extensive inventory surplus of electrical conduit fittings, electrical connectors, lugs, circuit breakers, wire cable, junction boxes, motor control, motor control centers, wiring devices, arktite, strut fittings, PVC products and safety switches.

Wire & Cable Inventory :

Lugs – Compression, Mechanical – Connectors, Terminals, Grounding

Metal Clad Wire – Aluminum or Steel

Wire THHN,XHHW, SOOW, Electronic, Tray Cable and more

Business Phone: (510) 785-9600
Business Fax: (510) 785-1668
Business Summary: Supplies for Environmental Monitoring & Safety - Process & Lab Analyzers.
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Fix and portable gas monitors, laboratory and process analyzers, measure instruments and various equipment for different applications.

Business Phone: +39070522896
Business Fax: +39070522896
Business Summary: Ultrapure water solution supply with superior Engineering Design and Unmanned Operation System, these advantages combined with the high quality facilities, professional teams and outstanding automatic control systems, improve the system's lifetime up to 45%, save 30% cost of operation efficiency.

We also provide consulting, engineering designing, item rebuilding and construction extending.
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water treatment plant,
water plant,
Desalination plant,
desalter equipment,
deionized water plant,

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Business Phone: 0086 25 52101630
Business Summary: Mod-Tronic Instruments Limited is a representative/distributor of twelve leading manufacturers of industrial/commercial sensors, transducers, heaters, flex-circuits and instrumentation.
Description of Products / Services :

Controls, Control Systems & Regulators
Industrial Automation
Industrial Instruments

For more details check products types at http://www.mod-tronic.com/Products.html

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Business Phone: 905-457-6322
Business Fax: 905-457-4716
Company Name: MC
Business Summary: chemical and process engineer
Description of Products / Services :

engineering service

Company Name: Mico Group, LTD
Business Summary: Our company has been in the electrical controls industry for over 25 years in the Houston/Gulf Coast area and Louisiana. In 2008, we moved to our new facility in the Tomball area and we are continuing to grow. Mico brings you a world of experience in the manufacture of electrical control panels and systems for your specific project requirements. We offer our 35+ years of experience and our expertise, to build the finest, most reliable control systems at the very best value for your project dollar. We pride ourselves on providing the most complete and organized quotations for all of your electrical equipment bid requirements. Our engineering team can provide AUTO CAD or PDF 2d and 3d drawings of your completed equipment on all projects.
Description of Products / Services :

Explosion Proof Enclosures

Custom Drilling & Tapping for all NEMA 7&9 Enclosures and Junction Boxes
Class 1 DIV 1 and 2 Group B, C, & D Enclosures as well as ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 Ex
XP Motor Starters, Manual Motor Starter Units
XP Dual Starter Controls and Multi-Starter Control Panels
XP Circuit Breakers
XP Distribution Panels- Lighting and Power Panels
XP Junction Boxes
XP Control Stations / Push-Button Stations
XP Variable Frequency Drive Control Panels
XP Motor Starters and Soft Start Control Panels
XP Lighting Contactor Control Panels
XP Custom Designed Control Panels
NEMA 4/4X and NEMA 7 Low Voltage Switchracks

Motor Controls & Control Panels

Full Voltage Motor Starters; Both NEMA & IEC Rated
FV Reversing Motor Starters; Both NEMA & IEC Rated
Motor Soft Start Units and VFD Custom Control Panels
Reduced Voltage Motor Starters
DC Motor Starters and Controls
Custom Multi-Starter Control Panels

Terminal Boxes / Junction Boxes / Control Stations & Pedestals

All NEMA Ratings of Enclosures and Area Classifications Available
Outdoor Fiberglass and FRP Enclosures, Windows and Special Custom Enclosures
NEMA 4/4X Stainless Steel Enclosures: Junction Boxes, Controls and Breakers

Business Phone: 713-4603172
Business Fax: 713-460-1372
Company Name: CPAP Sales Pty Ltd
Business Summary: CPAP Sales Pty Ltd in an Australian family owned and operated business, specialising in the supply of CPAP Machines, CPAP Masks and CPAP Accessories.
Description of Products / Services :

We are a proudly a family owned Australian business. We understand that health care for Sleep Apnea patients can be traumatic and expensive. After exhaustive research and analysis of the leading CPAP brands in Australia, we have chosen to specialise in the BMC CPAP Machines, BMC CPAP Masks and Transcend Travel CPAP Machines.

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Business Phone: 1300 03 2727
Business Fax: 02 4744 2429
Company Name: Divize
Business Summary: Divize is specialist in electronics for industrial automation.
Description of Products / Services :

Signal sources for PLC/DCS system testing and commisioning and Oxygen measurement equipment for combustion control.

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Business Phone: +31 88 7733733
Business Summary: Thermal Instrument Company has been producing best in class solutions for 50+ years. Learn about our reliable and accurate in-line and insertion flow meters for measuring your flow applications.
Description of Products / Services :

Mass Flow Meter Applications
Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meters
Inline Thermal Mass Flow Meters
Thermal Mass Flow Switches
Transmitter / Cotroller Electronics

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Business Phone: (215) 355-8400
Business Fax: (215) 355-1789


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