Gas Density

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Density of an ideal gases is a function of pressure, molecular weight of the pure gas or mixture and the temperature of the gas.

Ideal gas equation is,

PV = nRT


P = Pressure (bar, atmosphere, Pa)

V = Gaseous volume (m3, cm3)

n = number of gaseous moles (dimensionless)

R = Universal gas constant (J/mol.K, lit.atm/mol.K)

T = Temperature of the gas (K)


M = molecular weight of the gaseous phase

W = n X M =  mass of the gaseous phase


PV = (W/M) RT

PM / RT = W/V

W/V = ρ = mass per unit volume, i.e. density (kg/m3, gm/cm3)

ρ = PM / RT

For a real gas with compressibility factor z,

ρ = PM / zRT

Gas Density calculator


Molecular Weight
Compressibility (z)
Calculated gas density = kg/m3

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